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For my research essay on different types of energy sources, I had to find a variety of sources to better my understanding. I immediately made a few rules for myself to make sure I chose good sources. I wanted to avoid biased opinions and to use articles that come from reliable authors only.  However, this ended up being far more difficult than I had initially imagined. Every side seemed to have money involved in it, oil companies tried to show why fossil fuels are the best for the economy while solar panels claimed that they’re the fastest growing fuel source out there. So I ended up trying to do my best to try and ensure I would compile the info together in a non bias view. Another thing I started to do was annotate because I knew that attempting to remember everything from each article or just writing down each article’s link would be impractical. Its helped me summarize and organize my facts into different categories based on which type of energy it is related to.

As I’ve read more articles and papers about my subject, my views have changed significantly. While I had planned to write an essay equally describing the options of solar, fusion, fission and fossil fuel, I did personally favor solar. However, as I’ve done more research, I’ve started to find solar to be far from more efficient. As websites, I’ve looked into have predicted returns on your money to be around 20 years in decent weather. In places like Michigan where the weather seems to be completely random, it could take even longer. On the other hand, fossil fuels which I initially thought to be inefficient and running out, seem to be doing fairly well. It was the least costly and new methods are constantly being researched to get to fossil fuels that were previously unattainable.

My opinions on fusion and fission generators haven’t changed as much, but I’ve still been surprised by what I’ve learned. A new nuclear power plant hasn’t been built since 1990 and while a couple is expected to be made by 2030. The overall number of power plants is suppose to stay around the same because they’re more expensive than using fossil fuels for energy. Fusion is still in its infancy like I thought, but the sheer amount of committees, programs, and research was far more than I predicted. I’ve learned a lot, but I still need to do quite a bit more of research to fully understand the economic and environmental effects of all of these types of energy.



CC BY-SA 4.0 Energy, What’s Best? by Nishan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Marlyn 1 year ago

    I really like when you said that you need more research to understand the economic and environmental effects of all of these types of energy. This is really necessary both the positive and negative effects.

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