As I rummaged through the vast internet, I found an enormous amount of information regarding my topic of climate change. Using the knowledge I acquired this week from reading chapter five of the book Reading Rhetorically, I was quickly able to rule out most of the information I found, calling it “junk.” I narrowed my sources down to a few that I thought were very credible. I determined the credibility by looking a the author’s reputation as a writer and by looking at the quality of the website and it’s publisher. The annotated bibliography really kept me organized and on top of all the sources I found. All of this new information combined to greatly increase my knowledge on the topic that I am soon going to be writing a research paper on.

I started this project off with a pretty solid understanding of the issue and hand and all that’s being argued about it. All the information that I was able to obtain from both sides of the argument had no impact on my personal opinion. I was just amazed at some of the sources I came across as I was search for information against climate change. Though I strongly disagreed, I still chose some high quality sources against my argument to add to my annotated bibliography. This was only so that when I am writing my paper, I need to inform the reader my opposition and try to convince the reader that the opposition is false and that my belief is true.

Of all the new things I learned throughout doing research, the following is some of the most important and significant to my research. In the past few years, scientists have started to notice various drought cycles. They believe climate change is causing this. These drought cycles are important because they disturb the lives of farmers and disturb the agricultural economy. I also found out that multiple studies are now predicting drastic climate shifts are scheduled to happen within the next few decades. This goes to show how big of an affect human emissions have on the environment we live in.

All in all, I have some great and credible sources of information lined up for me to use while writing my research paper. With all that I have learned and all that I will continue to learn, I can say I’m heading towards one well thought out research paper.


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