My Research on Depression

To start my research off I searched “Depression” in the databases that the library gives us. After browsing through many articles I settled on an article about the links between inflammation and depression. At first my essay topic was going to be how depression affects a person. While reading this article about inflammation I realized that depression affects the body in countless ways and that I may need to narrow my topic in order to fit my information into an essay. This article also started to talk about treatments for depression which led me to think that I should include treatments in my essay.

The next article that I read talked about how depression is caused by an having too few neurotransmitters in the brain. It also talked about the symptoms of depression and some of the causes. The fact that depression was caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters peaked my interest and led me to more research in how medication restores this imbalance. Then I read some books about treatments for depression. They highlighted how medication restored the imbalance of neurotransmitters but also show how the medications can have negative side effects. This brought me to the question about whether or not medications are worth it if you can control the depression with therapy. I still need to do further research on this. Perhaps I will get a personal story.

The books that I read also informed me that there are many different kinds of depression. This interested me about why depression affects different people in different ways. One of the books gave me more information to partially answer that question by showing the link between hormones and depression. With this more in-depth information, I was able to narrow down my topic to how depression and its treatments affect a person neurologically and chemically.

My next article alerted me to a new form of depression I had previously not heard of, Psychotic Depression. It also talked about how depression can co-occur with other diseases and sometimes interact with these diseases. These diseases can get worse when the person also has depression. This interests me and so I would like to do more research as to why depression worsens other diseases.

Throughout my research process, my topic has evolved into a more direct subject. My research has answered many questions but it has lead to just as many new questions for me to research. I hope to continue to refine my topic through more research.


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