I am currently researching the controversial field of Artificial intelligence progression. I have been learning about the pro’s and con’s of advancing through this field and have found many articles talking about the three major categories I plan on talking about – economy, science and day to day life. Through my research process I have found articles loaded with surveys and statistics to be beneficial in supporting my claim as they provide solid evidence which is backed by researchers who are willing to put the effort to perform polls and surveys to add more information to the field rather than just provide a personal opinion (which I have found many blogs and news sites tend to do). This is why I have been scavenging in research centers like the Pew Research Center who have provided me with data which I can use to come up with my own evidences and claims. By having data driven articles to research from, I was able to read the articles unbiasedly and form my own insights to this field. Next I looked at biased articles such as news sites and blogs to find out more about the common perceptions of this argument. By purposely searching for things like “disadvantages of artificial intelligence progression” I was able to find great counterarguments which I would have never thought of. I have learnt through biased articles like these that, though these articles are based on other people’s insight on this field, they can still provide you with new perspectives of looking at the argument a different way. For example: I thought my counterargument paragraph would focus more on the effect on military and war use, but as I furthered my research, I found that the effect on the job market is a much bigger and relevant argument which needs to be addressed. By looking for rebuttals for this counterargument, I stumbled upon a great article which finds a perfect solution to the job issue (my counter argument) and also provides a great quote from a book which will fit in perfectly with my writing plan. I have rejected many articles (mostly blog sites) which seem to provide just their thoughts and predictions but lack any evidence showing why their thoughts are viable. I understand that since we have yet to see any major consequences of AI progression, it is a little difficult to provide guaranteed proof of a claim but I still believe articles should have statistics or quotes of notable people to back up their claims of the future.


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