My research is on the effects of sexual assault on the brain. I first decided that I needed to research if sexual assault even had an affect on the brain, and the answer to that is: yes it does. I then looked up the simple question “how does sexual assault affect the brain?” Here is when I found out that I would have lots of things I needed to research in order to have a good research paper. I made myself a life; memories, mental illnesses and victims stories. These are the things that I have decided will be big topics in my essay. Upon reading my first article about sexual assault and the affects it has on victims, I figured out that there are so many layers to it. Not only the mental effects, but the physical effects and even how society can play a role in how “harmed” a victim can be.

From here, I began my research on memories. I researched the different types of memories- your long term and short term, and then I researched “scattered” memories. These are memories that are so traumatizing, that victims of trauma can’t even remember the whole “story” of what happened to them. I learned a lot about memories, and how traumatic memories can come back to victims at random times and keep me them awake for hours because the brain can’t stop replaying the memory. I then researched post traumatic stress disorder. This is a mental illness that affects victims of any type of trauma. This is also an incredibly common mental illness that many victims of sexual assault will develop. I then researched what role society plays in all of this. I mainly found articles on victim shaming, and how a very small percentage of victims step forward, because they are ashamed of being assaulted.

All this research has given me a very good grip on what evidence I am going to be using in my research paper. I have found that most of the articles I have read do not exactly have a bias, because they are mainly about medicine and hard core facts that can not be challanged. Though I have found bias in articles that have to do with how society treats victims of sexual assault. So far, I feel very good about where I am in my research progress, and I am excited to start writing my paper.


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