For my inquiry question I was wondering why the female body have become such an innately sexual thing. With the media constantly overly sexualizing women and labeling them as promiscuous or “slutty”.

Historically in many ancient civilizations the female body was considered a beautiful and revered thing that wasn’t meant to be hidden. Since then modesty standards have changed dramatically. The human body is no longer a temple, but a way to sexualize and market things to men. There is a very specific unrealistic body standard that is welcomed and celebrated, and while people are perfectly okay with viewing a half naked model selling a burger, they are abhorred when a woman is breastfeeding in public or shows her shoulders in a school. This is a huge double standard because the exposed body is welcomed only when being objectified. This is being taught to both men and women as they grow up and young girls are learning that there bodies are not good enough, purely sexual and that they should be hidden unless in fear of being looked at wrong or judged. There are so many conflicting messages as to how women should dress and view their body, but the reality is that women should be able to cover or share their bodies however they see fit without fear of judgement.

This oversexualization has become and continues to be a huge problem that really needs to change in society today.

This is an article addressing this problem if you would like to learn more!


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