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My interview took place at P.U.L.S.E high school, my current school which i will  be finishing late June. One of my peers named Matthew decided to interview me for a project which is involved in our New Media Arts p.m class. The topic of the interview was “Who is the most important person in my life and why?” I picked my father because he has been a big inspiration in my life for many reasons. But after watching the video i noticed three quotes that actually stood out to me and here are the reasons why.

The first quote is: “He would always tell me don’t mess up his family name.” This quote actually stood out the most because he always repeats this on a regular basis. He always tells me this to me to reassure that i am always on the right track and not in the wrong crowd. And this quote also stands out to me because he told me that his parents would repeat the same thing to him 24/7.”

Another quote that surprised me was the part when I said: “Be successful”. This is another thing that he would repetitively tell me because the last thing that he would want to happen to me and my brother is to be homeless and broke. On top of that success is literally his favorite word, he is always saying it. With that being said I guess him saying actually stayed in my mindset.

And finally, the last quote was kind of trimmed out of the video, but: “I love him”. This quote is one of the greatest because to have some always by my side helping me when I make a downfall and picking back up is actually very helpful. He is always making sure I am okay, doing what I have to do to get my education and always keeping me on the right track. Which is why I really appreciate him being by my side throughout this journey.

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