We all will eventually have the experience of death, but it’s not the actual event that we are here to discuss, it’s what is to come after it? What happens when our subconscious has left our physical body forever? Many religious groups believe there is some kind of God that will reward you for all the good you have done on your time on Earth. On the other side, what if there is no God? What if there is nothing to look forward to? The biggest thing that is the most terrifying is, what if there is nothing after life? What if we lose our ability of memory? So many questions already in this post, but sometimes when need to ask questions to make ourselves feel better. Some believe in reincarnation and others believe in a heaven or hell, and a minority of people believe that when we die, we die and that will be it. Of course, there are people who died for a reasonable amount of time and then came to life. Statistics show that your mind can force you to see what you expect to see. If you expect to see heaven or hell, you will. No one can really say for sure what can happen after we die. But, this universe is too crazy for there to be nothing after, but we can only hope for the best of our eternity.

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