“With evil’s existence, good will arise and will stop it.” – Lonnell Tyars


“Honey I’m home,” I said.

“Hey,” she said.

“How was work today?” she asked.

“It was good. How was your day?”

“Good. Just kinda busy, cleaning.”

“You want some help?” I offered.

“No, it’s fine. I’m pretty much done now,” she said.

“You wanna go out?”

“Sure, let me get my coat,” she said happily.

We walked to the car and got in. I started it up and the engine shook the garage. I had a surprise for her tonight.

Chapter 1: Denver

We had arrived at the bar, W.T. Shorty’s, where we met. Her jaw dropped in awe because we hadn’t been here in a long time. We got out the car and went inside. We saw my sister and my mom. We sat down and they came to serve us our drinks, and we all sat and talked for a while.

After about 20 min passed by this one guy from my high school years wanted to fight me over his girlfriend, well now my girlfriend. You get the picture. He walked in and shouted my name, “Lonnell get over here we gotta talk.”

I turned around slowly and smiled at him and walked over and said, “Well, I wonder what about.”

He tried to grab me, but I grabbed his arms and broke them outward, and then pushed him outside. It was rather rainy so we couldn’t see much, but I felt a very abrupt and painful sting on my neck on the top of my spine. I shook and felt something fly off of me I saw it was a spider, a fairly big one, but I didn’t pay attention to it and I walked back inside.

About five minutes afterward, we decided to leave and when we got home I felt horrible. So I told Winter I was going to sleep. I thought it was because of how late it was (about 1:30 in the morning).

I went to sleep and woke up feeling different, like a really, really lightheadedness feel. I tried to stand but I couldn’t feel the ground with my feet almost as if my whole my body was numb. I couldn’t focus, but then all of a sudden, it faded away and I felt normal again.

“Hmm, weird,” I said, then I got up to brush my teeth and when I opened the door I ripped it off! I couldn’t believe what just happened the noise scared Winter awake. Then I couldn’t get it off my hand. It was stuck.

“What are you doing!?” Winter angrily asked.

“Nothing. I just opened the door and it just broke off and now it’s stuck to my hand,” I said in confusion. I couldn’t get it off so I decided to go outside, and as I tried, I ripped the door from my hand not feeling any pain or anything. It just fell off.

I put the door against the wall and I looked at my wife and said, “Was I trippin’ or did you see that too?”

“No. I did. I just can’t believe it.”

“Huh, I don’t know what could have caused that.”

Just as I said that for some reason the chandelier broke above my wife, but I could tell before it happened. “Agg, Babe, move!” I yelled as I pushed her.

“Hey what’s your de-” she was interrupted by the falling chandelier. It smashed into the ground. The house started to shake and everything started to fall off its shelf or its wall.

“Babe!” I called as I grabbed her.“Time to get out of here,” I said.

We rushed out the house only to see it be swallowed by a sinkhole.

“What the hell just happened?” Winter asked.

Just then, as she asked, the sinkhole closed and a man appeared and started to fly.

“Who are you?” I asked.

He replied, “Dark Atom.”

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that I live in a time of superheroes? Ya know like the Avengers and them. Well, I guess Darky here wasn’t a good guy seeing as he swallowed my house.

“I’ve come for you Lonnell!” he yelled.

“What? How do you know my name?”

“I know everything about you. I know that Winter is your wife. You met in high school, and she is 3 weeks pregnant…”

“Shut up you monster!” I yelled in anger as I leaped at him and hit him in his jaw.

He grabbed my feet and threw me to the ground with a force that would kill a normal human being.

“What happened to me?” I thought, and just then A.P.E.X. came and dropped off some heroes, PyroManiac and Krio. Pyro, he is pretty self-explanatory. Kiro is like Magneto and can control metal, all metal. He is Magnetos protege.

“Kiro! Take a hold of the iron in his blood!” Pyro yelled.

“Gotcha!” Kiro yelled.

He froze the man and Pyro flew up to him and heated his head by grabbing it to the point that it made him pass out. I was amazed at what I had seen. Only because heroes and villains aren’t seen that often. Pyro took him aboard the A.P.E.X twinjet.

After that, he came out he came up to me and asked, “Well looks like another one has power. How about you come with us so we can show you how to wield those powers, and show you how to be a real superhero?”

I looked at him puzzled. I turned around to ask my wife if it was okay, but as I looked her Pyro said, “Don’t worry she can come too.”

I smiled and shook his flaming hand. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt. “Okay, the deal’s done. You two are now A.P.E.X agents.”

Chapter 2: Pulse &  Blood Speed

It was May 18, 1918. She screamed in pain as the twins came out one after the other. Their names were Zero and Ichiru, they decided. The twins grew up well together. They played, learned, and taught each other they were inseparable. Then the day came.

Ten years after they were born, the mutable genes in their bodies activated and they got their superpowers. Both had the same power: speed. The gene that activated their powers is called Gene X. Not all humans have this gene. It’s only in the ones that can develop it simply from belief. Not everyone believes. “Thus, why not every person has it.”

They jumped in excitement as the superboys ran into their house. Their parents smiled as they already knew this would happen.

“Mom! Dad! I…I…I can run fast, like super, super fast!” Zero screamed.

“Yeah, we both can!” Ichiru yelled in excitement.

“Okay, Okay. Calm down.” their mother said.

“Yeah, because we are gonna freak you out even more.” their dad said in a happy manner.

The dad told them to walk outside and they did, then he picked up their car and their mom started to fly. The kids jumped uncontrollably and their parents had a talk with them inside.

“Okay, so now you know you have powers and we have powers. So now, we will teach you how to use them.” They trained and trained all day and night. No more school. No more work. Just Zero, Ichiru, and them. Well, in this case, they were training dummies. The brothers loved their powers and they loved fighting alongside one another until that one day when everything wasn’t right.

Chapter 3: The Twins Curse

It was a normal day when the Speedsters were racing and Zero is faster that day. Flash and Ichiru is faster than Zero and Ichiru wanted to test his top speed. He ran so fast that he traveled 80 years forwards. Zero had to follow him so he grabbed his suit and was brought to the future.

“Welcome to Blood Haven. I am director John Nelson of A.P.E.X., and I am here to explain what’s happening.”

“Why should we trust you?”  Ichiru asked angrily.

“Because we don’t know where we are, and he is well known around here. Look at all the A.P.E.X stuff,” I said.

“Forget it! I’m out.” Zoooom! He was gone in a flash.

“All right, you ready to go?”


“We can get him later,” he said.

“Okay, I’m in.”

“Well, it’s the year 2023,” John explained before being interrupted.

“2023! What? How far did I go?” Zero asked.

“About 80 years,” John said.

“Oh my god. Can I go back?” Zero panicked.

“I’m afraid not son, you’re stuck here,” John said sadly.

“What? Why!?” Zero yelled.

“Because you aren’t fast enough to go back. It takes more speed than to go forward.”

Zero looked at him with the eyes of a dead man. Blank. Nothing was there. His whole world crashed in an instant. He ran off not to quit but to find his brother for he was the part of this world that still lived. But before he could go, he had to have a name so that the people that he saves will have a name for their simulate hero.

Chapter 4: A.P.E.X.

(Meanwhile, in present day) We boarded the A.P.E.X. carrier and got taken to the A.P.E.X., but on the building, it said Alien Planetary Exploration X or in other words, 10. We arrived and as we walked off the carrier, we looked in awe as we saw the A.P.E.X. for the first time.

I was so hyped that I jumped up and down. I looked at Pyro and asked, “So what’s our first test?”

“Humph? Test, more like mutation. We can’t have superheroes who aren’t super. We will take you to the med lab so we can begin. Don’t worry we put you to sleep so you can’t feel it.” he said in the most uplifting way as possible.

We accepted his offer and we walked to the med bay. We both got on the beds that were already prepared for us. “Why are the beds already put out? Were you expecting us?” Winter asked.

“Of a sort, yes. We have been watching you to see if you were superhero material, but we were compromised which is why X came after you,” Pyro said as we lay down on the bed.

“X?” I asked.

“Yes, X. X is our first project. He was to be the first superhero alien but instead, he became the worst thing the world has ever seen. That’s why you are here to counter what we failed to make.”

“Fine, I don’t like clean up duty but if I get superpowers, then hell yea, I’ll help,” I said in a happy manner, “Indicate the procedure!”

An assistant yelled. We went in the spinning tube and a gas came out. Right as I saw the gas, I woke up with my wife and him, himself: John Apex.

”Oh my!” I hopped off the table and saluted the man that stood before me.

“My right-hand man doesn’t need to salute,” he said.

“Right? Hand? Man?” I said in a confused manner.

Chapter 5: Heroes and Villains

“Yes, my right-hand man. I spied on you for a reason, son. You are the key to the future,” he said.

“Wow, that’s kinda a lot to take in, but if that’s what we must become then we will do it,” I said confidently.

“We?” he asked.

“Yes, we. I don’t do anything without my wife so if you want me she comes too.”

“Well, then she can be my left hand, seeing she is left handed anyway,” he said, after a second of thought.

“Okay, we’re in.” I said trying to hold my excitement back.

“Okay,” he said with both his hands out.

We both shook at the same time.

“Well, it would be best if you knew your powers, wouldn’t it now? Winter, your powers are flight, superhuman strength (as strong as Superman) and heat rays. You will have Ms. Marvel as your teacher. Lonnell you have the power of the spider. You are Spiderman’s protege,” he said.

After that he showed us to our dorms and we stayed there talking about what we were gonna do and how excited we were. “Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening! his is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life, well, other than you of course,” she said.

“Ha ha, I know that bu-” I was interrupted by a loud explosion, “Wha-” I tried to say as I hit by a glider.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Jolt has arrived!” Jolt announced.

“What do you want with us!” Winter asked.

“Winter, run!” John said, as he fired a laser beam cannon at Jolt, then he flew back out the hole he came through. Winter and I jumped outside to see what was happening and I saw a figure flying in the sky.

“I see you’ve had your reunion with Jol, but you’ve yet to see me, hero, or have you?”

“You,” I said with an angry growl.

“What? You three know each other? Why wasn’t I told?” she asked angrily.

“There was no ‘we’ at the time. This was way back in my military days. But for a sum of the situation is that X here is my old partner, but he was hit in the head and was unresponsive so I thought he was dead, but guess not. We both know Jolt. He’s your ex,” I said.

“So we meet again, Jacob.”

“Guess so, sweetheart.”

“Ugh,”she said, rolling her eyes.

“Well now we are up to speed, let’s get this party started,” I said.


“Did someone say speed?” zero asked “we looked at him and I saw my chance so I webbed the glider from under jolt and he fell to the ground but the glider just broke my webbing and and it went under him to save him and after that happened everyone started to fight.  In the midst of everyone fighting we heard a scream a female scream  I looked for winter and couldn’t find her or x he vanished with her in the blink of an eye I grabbed jolt for he was the only enemy left I held him by his throat and pushed him against the building “where the hell did he take her!” “hahahaha” he laughed in my face. I choked him so hard I popped his neck in 4 different places “hahaha ah ah ouch ok ok I’ll tell you.” he said as he smiled “really I have a sixth sense.” I said as I did a backflip and his own glider shot him in his chest and head I looked at his “dead” body and I looked at john and said “well he’s no use to us now. Who are you?”  “I’m zero but you can call me pulse.” “nice to meet you pulse I’m… um.” “arch spider.” john said “no…” I said with a little laugh “guardian angel.” “nah but I like the arch… How about calling me archangel.” “perfect I crisn the archangel.” john announced as I looked to see what to do with jolt be he’d disappeared…

Chapter 6 :bloody winter

… we went back inside the apex building to see where my wife was taken. “well I guess it’s time to tell you we put trackers in your blood stream when we enhanced your powers.” john said “ well that’s nice to know thanks for telling me.” I said “sir we found a lock at the ridden building I left right as he said it “pulse go with him.” john ordered “yes sir.” he took off after me (zoooooooom!) I was webbing over to the ridden building when I saw pulse running after me I turned stealth mode on and cloaked myself  I saw him stop and look around so I knew I lost him right as I looked in front of me I saw a bloody red costume with black claw marks on the hips chest and eyes and her hair came long out the back I knew it was her “ba-” I tried yelling as she hit me with the force of superman I flew to the ground and crashed like plane and I got up slowly and looked at her and took the mask off and yelled “look it’s me your husband!” she stayed in her flight and looked down on me and said “I know.” she flew at me with flash speed and almost hit me again but I jumped out of the way and stuck to a nearby wall “I’m not gonna fight you!” I shouted she said “fine I’ll find someone who can kill you and I’ll watch.”  she flew back to the ridden building and I followed I went inside slowly for it was dark I turned on my night vision spider lence and saw jolt and x standing above me. They came at me with amazing force but I leaped out of the way and webbed jolt to the wall and jumped back at x to hit him and I grabbed his arm at the same time and threw him to the ground as jolt broke out he flew at me on his glider and tried to stab me but I broke his glider by webbing the jet engines and right after I did I saw x shoot a spear like object at me but as I tried to jump jolt  held my legs preventing me to jump and I got stabbed in my right side of my chest I webbed jolt in his face with my left arm and I fell on the ground and saw x fly at me so I webbed up into the corner of the ceiling and hid for as long as I could I took the spear out before they found me I saw winter fly in and she asked “do you know where he went?”
“no but w-”
“found him!” jolt yelled in interruption they came at me while she watched I jumped out of the corner at her and grabbed her and webbed out of the building and she tried to push away but my determination kept her long enough to get to the a.P.E.X building as I came in I yelled “lock down! Lock it down!” pyro flew over to the control panel and locked the building down “commencing lock down!” the computer said I let her go and she just looked at me and started to cry I ran up and hugged her and she hugged me “I’ll.. Tell you everything.” (2-3 min later) “ok so when I was taken in that battle he told me something that made me do it… he told me after the attack on the house he was gonna… take our baby and…” she started to cry again “ he swore that if I told you he would take you and split the black space in between your atoms and make your molecules disappear… but if I did what he said he won’t kill the baby and he would keep you as a prisoner but I wanted to wait till the right time so when imprisoned you I could break you out.”  “ok” I said as I walked out the room  “pyro,pulse with me.”


Photo by JD Hancock


CC BY-SA 4.0 The Havoc Squad by Lonnell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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