Recently, In the United states the issue of police brutality has come up quite often. There are many problems with police in our nation today. First of all they are shooting young men and even some women for no reason. We know there is a huge problem when my dad tells me to be careful at the dinner table because if I do any sort of interaction with the police they will probably shoot me. The job of the police is to protect the nation. How are we supposed to protect ourselves when the people who are supposed to protect us are the threat. One might argue that the Police are just protecting themselves, but then why do they shoot multiple times and they shoot in places that are impossible to survive. And when the victims of these police are on the ground dying why do they ignore them and leave them to die rather than trying to save their life. They will even stop members of family from helping as if they would some how get away. And the worst part is these police get off like it was nothing. The worst punishment an officer received was loosing his job when he should be rotting in prison. One case a man was shot dead because his car broke down. We the people of America need to disarm police from guns and give them less lethal weapons. And the worst case scenario they die in honor of their country where as now they are disgraces. Clearly, The United states needs to do something about our police.


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