Draynond Green is a power forward for the golden state warriors in the national basketball league. He comes out of michigan state and was drafted in the second round and was quicly written off as a bust. Nkw in his carrer he has 2 nba championshipz and is considered one of the best power forwards in the league. I think that we are giving him too much credit and he is overhyped.

I think we should start with his rookie year he averaged roughly 6 points 4 rebounds and 3 assists a game, because of his lack luster performance he was written off as a bust and i think that was a great call by the general public. 3 years later draymond was carried to the finals by a nice steph curry averaging 30 points a game and winning mvp and Klay Thompson who famously scored 27 points in a single quarter, and a 15 and 10 big man in Andrew Bogut. They won the finals in 6 games and it was a tainted victory because the Cleveland cavaliers star point guard was out due to injury. The year after that the warriors won 73 games and LOST the NBA finals to the Cavaluiers when they had a healthy team. Steph Curry was struggling, Klay Thompson was struggling, and Bogut was out with an injury. The Warriors needed a leader and where was Draymond? He was suspended or he was busy having 10 points 5rebounds 3 assists and 8 turnovers. EIGHT TURNOVERS. These are the types of performances that make people think he is great.


  1. Marco H. 2 years ago

    Dear Parker,
    Your essay was very interesting, and I liked the way you described Draymond Green. That’s true when he first started he wasn’t that good he improve a lot he is now a two time nba champion for the Golden state Warriors. I was like that to I started from the bottom and I’m here where I am right now I improve a lot now when I play in teams for basketball I do better and I make more points than what I usually used to make.

  2. Alfredo 3 years ago

    Dear Parker,

    Your essay was outstanding, Brodie. I like how you talk about Draymond Green and how he thinks he’s the best player on the Golden State Warriors. In reality, he’s not a very good player and has no offensive skills.


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