Having pets is something almost everyone has or wants, but choosing which animal is right for you is one of the hardest decisions anyone could make. Dogs and cats are at the top of most purchased animals so choosing between one or the other is something most people have trouble with. I personally prefer dogs because they look better, dogs are easier to play with, and can be trained to be guard dogs. Dogs wait for you to return home and get excited when you finally do, but cats on the other hand are happy to see you leave and don’t care if you ever make it home. These are only a few examples on why dogs are better, where as cats are only good for getting rid of mice and coughing up hairballs. They both have their downfalls but I feel dogs have better and greater benefits oppose to a cat.There’s a reason why dogs are called “Man’s best friend” and not cats. Dogs are more obedient and are easily trained rather than cats who do whatever they want, which is why dogs are one of the best companions one could have.




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