The question is always, are you a dog or cat person? I am a dog person. The reasons why I’m a dog person is because the bond between a dog and its owner is remarkably similar to that between a parent and child. A baby acts in different ways in certain situations: it is happy while its mother is around, becomes distressed when she leaves, and will be happy with a stranger in time, but has eyes only for the owner when returning. Cats are only eyes for itself, they only want you when they want food, or treats. I’m sure that there are some cats that love humans but dogs win the majority. Scientist also prove A study of 95 people found that dog owners laughed significantly more frequently than cat owners. Cats in general are just selfish. Compared to dogs, scientists have found, cats don’t seem to have the same sort of emotional attachment to their owners, and show love affection far less often than you might think. They’re an environmental disaster, killing literally billions of birds in the US every year, many of them from endangered species.


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