In my Expository Writing class right now, we are starting research papers. The question that I intend to address is in my research paper is: What factors led to the downfall of Venezuela? This is an issue that I constantly am thinking and talking about because it is an important topic in my life. Both of my parents were raised in Venezuela and then moved to Michigan for college at Michigan State University, so the rest of my family (grandparents, cousins) live in Venezuela. I am always in contact with my family there and every year the situation of the country gets worse. This is significant to me because I think about the situation in Venezuela every day because it impacts my family every day. This is problematic because there is no clear solution for this situation and it is getting worse every single day. I can add to the conversation taking place with this subject by researching more aspects of what led the country to where it is currently. I can research more about how the government plays into it, and also look for other reasons other than the government. To have different viewpoints on this issue, I can look at several different databases/articles for information and I can also talk to my parents and family in Venezuela. By talking to different members of my family who live in two different places (Michigan and Venezuela), I will be able to get different perspectives and accounts on the situation that I would most likely not be able to get from the internet or books. I hope to learn more about how Venezuela fell apart and all the factors that led to it through my research.

If you guys have any questions you think would be good for me to address, let me know!


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