Dear People/Next President


                There is a problem that the world is facing. You may think this is not a big issue because wwe have this right, but you’re wrong Sir. Guns, many American citizens can may them, even without having the license nor money to have them. There are a lot of ways that a person can obtain guns, but only 2 ways, a person can have them. Yet I will say that there is a 3th one that may be a bigger problem for everyone.

                For my first issue and response to this issue, is the rise of arms dealers. You may not know this or may know this. But arms dealers have their own way of getting guns to small people across the world. So what does this have to do with American people you ask? It has a lot of thing to do with it. If you look into the background of other American people, you can see that a good hand full of them have family in other countries. Arms Dealers love to sell their weapons on the outskirts of the US. Even on the black market. And once those people have the weapons, they might as well give them as a gift to their other family members here in the US. How do we stop this? We strike them down with power. We create a small organization that stops Arms Dealers from selling weapons that doesn’t belong to the people. In an article from TheBlaze, that also talks about people from the U.S. sending weapons to other countries.

                For my second issue is Pawn Shops. A good amount of American people can have a gun to sell for money or buy to kill or protect. Many people can easily obtain a gun from a Pawn Shop. All they have to do is be the right age or look like the right age to buy it. What should you do to stop this. Build a Pawn Shop that is only for gun to be pawned at, with military soldiers as the employees. That way, soldiers can have more gun to use in future wars. How I know this? There is a article on this site called NRA Family. That also tells that pawn shops do sell gun from old to new.

                For my third, and main problem. Is that we need to stop the people from allowing their own kids learn how load, hold, AND shoot a good. I watch a video where this little boy knows how to load a gun, and then his father showed helped him shot it in the air. Later in the video, the same little boy, shot it in a person’s stomach. We need to but a very harsh strict ban on public gun rights, it is a must and by God, you have too.

                So for my closing, Mr./Mrs. President. How would you feel if your little boy, or little girl, learns how to hold, load, and shoot a gun. Would you be proud, or would you be angry?


Sincerely From

Jalen Stewart




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