In my Expository Writing class, we are working on a research paper that will help create discussions over a variety of different topics. For my paper, I chose to research about the technology of self-driving cars and their effects on our society. This topic interests me because over the past few years, self-driving cars have been a very controversial topic, with many people either strongly supporting the idea or completely against it. However, the future implementation of autonomous cars is imminent due to many companies such as Uber already implementing it into their business. In addition, many engineers and scientists claim that self-driving cars can greatly reduce accidents, CO2 emission, and pollution in general. In other words, these cars are very significant because they could be safer than actual human drivers, and they could be the transportation of the future. Even with a lot all the upside autonomous cars provide, there are still a lot of questions regarding how well our society can adapt to this change. We haven’t had a big transportation breakthrough like this since the airplane, so how will we respond to “driverless” cars on our streets, and how long will it take for us to adapt? My goal for this paper is to inform my audience about both the positive and negative aspects of this innovation, and hopefully I will be able to create a lot of interesting discussion with my essay.

Additionally, if anyone has any advice, suggestions, or comments, I would love to hear them!


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