When I hike up Ensign Peak, just a mere 350 feet up, I am always amazed by the beautiful view that surrounds me. The gravel trail winds to the top of the mountain until it reaches a monument made of stones. When I look south, I see Salt Lake City, as well as the pristine Utah Capitol Building exactly one mile down. The northern view is full of snow capped mountains, while the western view holds the Great Salt Lake. When I look east, I observe the Wasatch Mountain Range. This view makes me feel at peace, and it has ever since I was little and would hike the mountain with friends. When I climb this trail now, I am reminded of my childhood adventures, but most importantly, I am reminded of Salt Lake City’s beauty.

  1. Paola 3 years ago

    Dear erica,
    One sentence you wrote that stand out to me was ” This view makes me feel at peace, and it has ever since I was little and would hike the mountain with friends”. it stood out to me because I can see what you visualize and i would of liked if connected it to the people who have to see there neighborhood really in bad place and how that affects to now. But overall i loved how you shared everything about your neighborhood sincerely, paola.

  2. Alexandria 3 years ago

    I love the use of words in this paragraph. The language you use to convey the experience of hiking up Ensign Peak really paints a picture of what you experience. By describing more than one of the locations you can see from Ensign Peak, you really make the scope of the perch seem large. Additionally, by recording your feelings and the memories those feelings activate when you’re on the peak, you also create ambiance.

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