Most studies show that yes Americans do in fact eat too much meat. One article that I read stated that it not only is not good for us but also not good for the environment. We do not need to stop eating meat in general and become vegetarians we just need to slow down on our consumption of meat. To help the environment we should eat more plant based foods. The study showed we are slowing down our meat consumption but still eating way too much meat.

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  1. Joseph 1 year ago

    Jack, nice job with raising awareness. I agree that an influx of something is not that beneficial to us, and also to the environment. I liked how you were able to tie the topic of health to the environment. However, as humans, we require certain amino acids that only come from meat such as tryptophan, lysine, threonine, and others that we cannot consume from only eating a vegetarian diet. Nice topic and I liked the passion. Keep up the good work.

  2. Treyvon 1 year ago

    Great article Jack,
    There is always too much that can be had of anything, and for Americans it is meat. There is always advertisements enticing citizens to buy their product of meat. The consumption of meat is something that needs to be worried about because there are studies that show how excessive meat consumption can cause a variety of problems in a people. I have an article that shows the problems of eating meat excessively that might interest you.

    All in all, I liked the topic that you came up with for your article and hope you continue to keep writing.

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