Here is my “Coming Out” story! Please listen and included is a transcript for those who need it!

(the picture above is my girlfriend and the love of my life Nicole (on the right) and myself (on the left))

Hello everyone. My name is Whitney Langston. I am 21 years young and I’m in my fourth year at Michigan State University studying anthropology. I am really open about my sexuality and honestly, for some reason, I really love talking about being a lesbian and being in love with my girlfriend. But here’s my coming out story…

My coming out story starts when I as about five years old. My mom left my dad for a woman, again when I was about five and my sister, my younger sister, was about three. As she came out as a lesbian to my family, everyone thought, even though I was really little, that I was going to become a lesbian because she was. When I was in the sixth grade, I started experimenting with my sexuality and discovered I liked both men and women. My first girlfriend, Morggan, who was my girlfriend from my experimentation, her and I dated for about a year. And then after we broke up, I seemed to be more into men for some reason. I just really wasn’t into women that much. As puberty went on, I dated a few more women, here and there, but again I was always more into men. That is until I met my now girlfriend and the love of my life, Nicole. Nicole and I have quite a bit of history but being with her made me realize I am no longer attracted to men. I don’t know what changed in me, but there was a point when we started dating where the thought of being intimate with a man made me want to puke. Like, I literally just every time I saw pictures of a man in an intimate way, I just wanted to vomit. In coming out to my family about that, my sister especially, thinks it’s a phase and thinks that if Nicole and I break up I’ll be back to men in a second, but I told her it’s so different than it was in the past. I have talked to a lot of people about it and what might have happened and they said maybe it just took the right woman to make me realize my true sexuality but honestly, I just don’t know. All I know is that I’m a lesbian. I am a full-on lesbian.

As far as my acceptance in my family goes, when I came out as a full lesbian with my girlfriend Nicole, I think everyone was more surprised because I have always been so boy crazy, in high school and even in middle school. I’m sure because I was always boy crazy that everybody saw me ending up with a man and so I think it might have come as a bit of a surprise to see me really fall in love with a woman. I really, though, haven’t had any issue with my family and me being a lesbian. I will admit something I do find is that it’s a little bit awkward when I go to family events and Nicole’s there. I really kind of feel like I don’t know how to be myself around my family, especially since usually when I am around my family it’s around kids. And parents are really weird about their kids learning about that kind of lifestyle but I mean there are…the two people in my life that I can really be myself around is my mom and my best friend Alicia. Obviously, since my mom came out as a lesbian and left my dad for a woman, she is super like accepting to anything and my best friend is my best friend. She obviously loves me for me. So, Nicole and I are just free to be our handsy, romantic selves when we are together. One thing I also did notice in my family when I came out as a lesbian was that my grandma and grandpa had a little bit of a hard time adjusting. My grandma used to call my girlfriend my “friend”. So, whenever I would talk about her, she’d say “Oh you’re going to see your friend this weekend?” And if she was talking to like one of my aunts or uncles, she’d say something like, “Oh Whitney and her friend are coming to the party”, or something like that. But, eventually she came around to accepting the fact that Nicole is my romantic partner, she is my girlfriend and she now calls her my girlfriend, so… But other than that, everything has been fine. I really haven’t had any issues.

But, that is all I have for you guys. That is my coming out story. I would love to hear all of you guy’s coming out stories. So please feel free to comment about your coming out story.

Thank you, guys, for listening!


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