Drinking in colleges has always been something that the students do for experience and to have fun. The downside to that is the fact that many people die or become sick from alcohol poisoning. Some of the reasons people drink in college is because they have already been drinking in high school. Other problems that can increase drinking in college is wanting to fit in, on your own and want to experience, problems with family or friends. There are many factors that can increase drinking, but how many deaths are caused by drinking in colleges each year?

“Incidentally, the CDC report on binge drinking said that 113 people between the ages of 15 and 24 die annually from alcohol poisoning. The first report, published in 2002, estimated that there were 1,442 “alcohol-related injury deaths” among college students in 1998. The number grew to 1,647 deaths in 2001 and 1,825 in 2005. The fourth report is due to be published soon, Hingson said.”

Alcohol abuse is obviously a serious issue on college campuses. But it’s important to understand what the numbers show — and don’t show. In terms of alcohol poisoning from binge drinking, the actual number of deaths appears to be in the dozens. This “1,800” estimate has distinct limitations and needs to be treated more cautiously in the future by reporters and politicians.” As more students go to college, the number of deaths is also going to rise too. We should start to protect the students there and make them realize the consequences of what might happen if they don’t know their limit when drinking.




  1. Mae 3 years ago

    Brooklyn, I found your article very intriguing. I agree this is a serious issue in college and high school, but I think the reason why we have so many incidents involving alcohol poising and other related fatalities is that our society makes it a taboo to drink. Americans make drinking such a taboo that by the time we get the opportunity to have alcohol, it becomes an issue and excessive. I truly believe that when alcohol is introduced earlier and talked about without making it a taboo, there will be less desire to excessively drink. I found this article, (https://www.alcoholrehabguide.org/resources/college-alcohol-abuse/) about college alcoholism, that you might find interesting to read. Your post was informative and enjoyable to read. -Mae

  2. Elizabeth 3 years ago

    Great job Brooklyn! I agree with you. I also think college kids are scared to report when a peer gets alcohol poisoning because of the consequences, but recently the law has changed so that you can’t get punished if you call and get help for a peer. I also think college is a great place to have fun, meet people, and educate yourself further, but some things should be done in moderation.

  3. Shenika 3 years ago

    Hi Brooklyn,
    Your article was very interesting to read because it is a serious problem in America. American drinking culture is becoming more and more dangerous, especially in college students, and it is a problem that has to be addressed. The statistics were great on supporting your point and strengthened your argument.

  4. Srihita 3 years ago

    Brooklyn, I agree with you that this is a serious topic that we should be talking about. Many students in college drink to fit in or to have fun but thankfully not as many students are abusive drinkers. I think it’s important that we educate students to realize the consequences they could face from abusing alcohol and what it could mean for their future.

  5. Eric 3 years ago

    Hi Brooklyn,
    I really enjoyed reading your article, and I completely agree with you that this is a big issue right now. I also agree that lots of people chose to drink alcohol because they think it will make you cool and mature. However, there a lot of consequences when making these kinds of decisions. In addition, a lot of students in high school are also experiencing alcohol which is very concerning. The only way to solve this, in my opinion, is to enforce the rules and to provide harsher consequences for under-age drinking.

    Good Job on your article!

  6. Gubi 3 years ago

    Good job brooklyn!
    I completly agree with you that alchol is a serious issue for college students and something that needs to be dealt with. College is s place to have fun and learn and alchol binging can ruin that experience. I found those statistics very surprising and it helped give me a better understanding of the size of the issue.

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