Global war-like catastrophies has caused great diversions between nations and communities, It is really heartbreaking what some people have to go through even though they didn’t part take in any of the conflict. When there is dark, light is easily noticeable; in this example sports is the light and the question of what sport is that light holds great interest with me. I have seen many videos of sports connecting people together, that sport mentality is something unique, that passion drives all of you to work togethor. Sports can bring people together through the television/radio or actually playing the game, when everyone is cheering for the same team, they become the most energetic people in the world. You wouldn’t be able to understand the bond you create with the people who you participate in a sport with, the connection and adrenaline that arises is the best feeling in the world and I can see how it can unite the world.

Soccer is played a lot more in 3rd world countries, than basketball because its so easy to play and create. For a soccer game to happen, all you need is 2 teams, 2 sides and a ball. A soccer ball can be in any form, I have heard of stories of people in villages wrapping cloth, plastic and mud together for a ball, the makeshift creativity is wonderful. The demographic of where soccer is most popular by country in the world is China, South America and Africa(please take note that I understand that Soccer is played globally, but these are the places where I see Soccer is played the most). Soccer in the news reporting department covers a mass amount of places, I have been to foreign countries and each house had a radio or television strictly for the soccer games that were broadcasting

Basketball is a sport that is said for “rich people” but I see high investments for this sport in the future. I see this sport spreading to the Chinese nation; I believe that its the fastest growing sport in China. The NBA and NCAA is deeply attempting to spread its wings into China, the play lots of exhibition games in China during the preseason. There has actually been one rare occasion where the Harlem Globe Trotters played in North Korea, from the connection of Dennis Rodman convincing Kim Jun un to host a exhibition game/camp between the Globe Trotters and the North Korean ream. The NBA also has many international players who play for many franchises, some players have or are actually the faces of franchises: Rudy Gobert-Utah Jazz-France, Kristaps Porzingis-Lativan-New York Knicks, Giannis Antetokouqnmpo-Milwaukee Bucks-Greece, Ben Simmons- Philadelphia 76ers- Austria , Nikola Jokic-Denver Nuggets-Serbia; all of these players are phuenmonial and represent there countries and team positively. With all of great players from all around the world, you have nations cheering on teams because they have a player representative, it really gets everyone involved. The big problem of basketball is getting a 10ft hoop to play on, its easy to get crafty to make a hoop but you also need a circular ball with no bumps or indents; otherwise you will face difficulty in dribbling.

Now I’m not saying that sports will save countries from bombing each other or prevent wars. But I would like to end that Basketball does have the upper hand in wether Soccer or Basketball will unite the people of the world race. Basketball is growing in a country of a high population, But currently Soccer is widely played in the world. It is really hard to say what sport will “unite” the world because so many people have opinions. Thank you for reading, and please give thought and feedback.



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