This post will be geared more in a personal direction, but hopefully there will be plenty of statistics to back up my points. A question that has bothered me for the past few months, which interestingly correlates with the beginning of senior year and talk of the future, is “Who am I and who do I want to be?” which I have been searching desperately to answer. In finding this answer for myself, I have researched other topics that have relieved a great amount of pressure from my shoulders. Many have to do with the looming next step in many high school senior’s lives–college. As deadlines draw closer and some have even passed, it is becoming a larger reality that within the next few years, we are responsible for deciding who we will be for the next 60+ years.

The good news for prospective college students lies within the statistics from Penn States website. About twenty to fifty percent of incoming college freshman have an undecided major and up to seventy-five percent of students change their major once or more before graduation. In a more in depth survey, 800 students were interviewed about factors in the decision making process for choosing a major. The most common were familial and peer influence, classes they had to take, jobs lined up within the given degree, and the characteristics of the major. Simply knowing that I have more than a few months to decide how my life will play out makes applying for colleges much less stressful.

Deciding what I want to do with my life has been a major factor in who I have tried to become. For myself, I believe I have found myself as the best possible person I can be at this point in my life. School is running smoothly, my job is great, and my chores are done. As hard as it has become to focus during this last year of high school, I have taken pride in my ability to juggle extracurriculars and home life. I have also taken great solace in the extra time I have to decide who I want to become. If you take anything from this post, remember that now does not define the rest of your life and the rest of your life does not define you.



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  1. Sofia 3 years ago

    I think this post is very interesting. I think it’s interesting that you brought up the topic of the cost of college and the fact that people change their majors at least once before graduation. Here’s an article you may find interesting:

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