I’m from bleak winters and sizzling summers
I’m from clouds of pollution dusting the valley and billows of snow decorating the trees
I’m from barefoot barbecues, fourth of july parades, and wiggling toes in ski boots
I’m from matching pajamas on Christmas Eve and mass on Easter morning
I’m from Taylor Swift filled car rides and overwhelming amounts of laughter
I’m from my mother’s empathy and my father’s stubbornness
I’m from my Aunt Ruth, the color purple, and teddy bear collections
I’m from ice skates and hockey games
From tennis balls and sore shoulders
I’m from plaid skirts, khaki shorts, and button up shirts
I’m from neverending curiosity and trembling anxiety
I’m from the suicide of my best friend
But most importantly
I’m from innumerable amounts of love
I’m from sleepovers with my sister
And routine dinner table talks
I’m from Katrina, Roger, Miranda, Ruth, and Pj.
I’m from the people I have lost, the people I have gained, the memories I have made,
And the lessons I have learned.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Where I’m From by Emily is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Emma 1 week ago

    I love honest pieces of writing like this. You shared all the things that make you you, and I’m proud of you mentioning PJ’s death. What happened made us into the people we are today and a lot of us are still struggling with it. It’s brave of you to openly share the affect he had on you. Thank you for sharing such an honest piece.

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