Q: What is the fate of immigrants in America today and in the future?

     If we come to look way back in history, everybody in America is an immigrant except Native Americans. A question from huffingtonpost.com, seems to go with my first statement. “Have these opponents conveniently forgotten that, other than descendants of Native Americans, we all carry the genes of immigrants?Some of us have seem to forgotten that when dealing with immigrants that come try to come into America in this day and age especially the people in power. It’s very sad to sit and watch the way that immigrants are treated today in America.

“Data from the Census Bureau shows that 42.4 million immigrants (both legal and illegal) now live in the United States.” That seems to be a lot of immigrants if you ask me. But if a lot of us are immigrants, why do we treat some ethnicities with more respect than others and don’t give everybody equal opportunities the way that we should. Lately what I have seen with immigrants being treated unfairly has gone way out of hand. “For example, Donald Trump’s call for a travel ban on Muslims is well known,..” it’s been well known and very unfair to characterize all Muslims as terrorist by doing such a thing. According to americanprogress.org, “Immigrants are taxpayers, entrepreneurs, job creators, and consumers. But the immigration system is broken and in need of an overhaul. Although the U.S. border is now more secure than ever, decades of ever-increasing border and interior enforcement have exacerbated the dysfunction caused by rigid, out-of-date laws.” This is something for people like Donald Trump, to consider and think about when trying to make more harsh laws on immigrants.

Also, “About 36 percent of U.S.-born children of immigrants are college graduates—5 percent above the national average. Eleven percent of U.S.-born children of immigrants live in poverty—well below the national average of 13 percent. And around 64 percent of them are homeowners, just 1 percent below the national average.” If only more immigrants were given more opportunities, I could see more progress in the future being made. As for right now in America, the fate of immigrants is really scary and worth worrying about because of the type of president we have, and his views on immigrants and how he’s not willing to have an open mind about them.      




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