My favorite word is empowering. The word empowering is such an positive word that brings joy to many people if used to describe them. A person that is empowering has a certain moral to them. They are able to enlighten people around them by providing confidence to them. An empowering person is often held to a high standard of acting within their society and they are able to do so. This person or people are able to do so because of their powerful character that they hold themselves to.

Empowering is also a very strong word when used to describe an event, person, place, or thing. If the word empowering is used to describe one of those thing it was very influential and formative for someone or something. It is a special word that describes special people or things.

The people that I associate with empowering are very heroic like people. The people are very kind and caring. They are people that put other people in front of them. They are able to be a role model for people by just being able to go through there day and act in a kind positive way. They are the people that make the most difference in the world.

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  1. Lily 10 months ago

    Wow, great post Zachary! Reading this made the word “empowering” have so much more meaning, it made me think of people or things I consider empowering. Your post makes your readers think which I loved, it opened my eyes to how intricate language can be and the importance of our words. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

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