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Genetic engineering is a very useful thing in the world today. The basic concept is replicating genes or isolating them to discover what they do. From research into this we have been able to find out what specific genes do and replicate them to make cures for diseases that are certain genes. We have discovered how to make insulin and package it so that people with diabetes can live on with the ability to process glucose.

The downside of genetic engineering is when we try to improve humans to make them more perfect. This idea has been explored in the past and looking at genes to figure out how to make people smarter or taller or better in some way. This idea is dangerous in that the individuality of people is what makes us human and which is something that can not be taken away. Without individuals people in the world become robots. I believe genetic engineering should be looked at on a case by case basis to decide whether it is acceptable or not. This article goes into applications. 


Photo by IAEA Imagebank

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