My most interesting word to repeatedly say, pronounce, and describe is “Ineffable”. Ineffable means in an easy understanding that it is to amazing to be expressed by words. It is very ironic because you use the “word”, Ineffable, to describe things that are to unbelievable to be described by words. The meaning of the word plays itself in the sense that, it almost does not make sense.

I first experienced this word watching an episode of a tv show known as Family Guy. Peter Griffin one of the main characters was looking out into a beautiful area and gasps while he expresses the view as Ineffable. He had no idea what it meant but it did not bother me. That word stuck with me from the age I was ten all the way until now and I will never forget it. I grew up always asking my teachers the meaning of it since it was hard to describe to adolescent, when they can not comprehend the irony of the word although it is my favorite word, just besides pedantic which I still am trying to understand the meaning of, but have no motive to really want to know it.




  1. Jack 3 years ago

    I really liked how you told your own story of how you learned about the word and the explained what the word meant and why you liked it.

  2. Judge Thomas 3 years ago

    I really like your post because it relates to my post about the word “nothing.” I agree with you that the word ineffable contradicts itself just like the word nothing. I enjoy finding new words to love, especially words that are clever and words that I have come to understand well. Ineffable will definitely be another one on my list. I agree with what you said about the word sticking in your head. Thank you for your post about the word, Ineffable.
    -Thomas K.

  3. Johan 3 years ago

    Good job describing how you learned what ineffable meant. I also liked how you explained why you like this word so much and your experiences with it.

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