Author: Anthony

Control Over Your Dreams?

One fascinating idea that I have always loved looking at is how people dream. Dreams are something we all have in common; babies, animals, men and woman-we all dream. In fact, researchers have found that people usually have several dreams each night, each one lasting for between five to 20 minutes. During a typical lifetime, people spend an average of six years dreaming!

One website talks about lucid as during the dream which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment. Personally, I find this idea about controlling our dream to be fascinating. One website also talked about if we were able to have more lucid dreams we would be able to study for a test, prepare ourselves for an event, or a big business meeting. I found that lucid dreaming is something we should cultivate to having more of, the idea that we can prepare ourselvesĀ for when we wake up fascinating.