Author: John

People’s experiences with police misconduct


The social issue that we are most interested in is police misconduct because it has to be stopped. Police Misconduct is the best for our website because we are going to address how the police officers are abusing their power. The video would show the police officers abusing people and would be asking people about their experiences with police misconduct.

The video that would be good for us to remix is called “Policing The Times (Remastered) because people are talking about their lives when they were exposed to police misconduct.

One of us, John, is personally interested in this topic because in the future he wants to be a detective and doesn’t plan on abusing his power like this because he doesn’t agree with their actions. Also, he wants the people of the U.S. to be able to rely on him.

Some questions we have about this topic are: Why do police officers treat their own people like this? How often does this happen throughout the year? How long has police misconduct been going on?

Everybody would be interested in this Web site because people would like to put an end police misconduct especially if they know someone who experienced it or if they experienced it themselves. Police misconduct is important because police are not supposed to abuse their power.

We could interview people who experience this police misconduct first-hand or bystanders who witnessed the misconduct. A person who might be a good interviewee to give us factual information is someone who went through stop and frisk.

Some places where we can go videotape are high-crime neighborhoods and ask about police misconduct. One creative idea for what we can do is we can act out a scenario and see how people think cops would react to it.

A good domain name for this social issue is: