Author: Diana

Make Better Choices


Nowadays people talk about having abortions so that teenage mothers would not have to take care of their babies. This topic is best for building a website because there are a lot of teenagers getting pregnant at an early age and not knowing what they’re really getting into.

This topic affects many people because their are many lives being ended at young ages. Some questions for this topic would have to be: Have the group conferences actually helped the teenagers with having abortions or just giving them up for adoption? How many websites are there about abortions? And why is this important topic ignored?

Probably teens with children feel as if they aren’t ready, but their mistakes shouldn’t lead to things that major. On this type of topic we would try to interview women who already have children or had to go through having abortions.That way you can get a better understanding of what they had to go through.

You can’t just ask someone how does it feel to skydive if the person has never actually skydived. For this type of situations you should mainly contact a doctor. That way they would have a better explanation as to why teens decide to go for abortions for the only answer. They have a choice such as adoption which at least would not lead to the child being killed.

For a better understanding of the process you can go to women’s health center and take photos of the steps to have an abortion. With these steps it can show how heinous abortions are. Some terms for this topic would have to be sad, horrible, gruesome, curious.

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