Many years ago in the MLB there were names like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Babe Ruth. These were players that would hit home runs like nobody’s business, and part of this was because of their use of PEDs or performance enhancing drugs.

Fast forward a few decades after the use of PEDs were made illegal, everyone loved watching people rip homers(Baseball Almanac) here and there but now it does not happen like it used to. People pay to go to baseball games to watch sweet plays and big hits, not walks and bunts (usually). If PEDs were legalized, then I would predict the amount of revenue during the MLB season would at least double. And some may say that people are stronger now than they were then because of the advancements of physical sciences to learn about the best ways to become stronger and prevent injury. Now in response to that I say that the use of PEDs would just increase their performance even more than it did in the past due to the advancements in science I spoke of earlier. This would not only increase the revenue of the ballparks and Major league clubs, but it would create more jobs as well. And what do people want more now-a-days than jobs? If you said pretty much nothing then you are spot on. The increase of jobs would be due to how easily players would be able to hit the ball farther and harder, therefore the field dimensions would have to be expanded. And the expansions would create even more jobs because of all the new spaces, more vendors would be able to use that real estate and more vendors means more workers and more workers means more jobs. Boom! I just created more jobs than the past 10 presidents combined. You are welcome America.


Not only will the use of PEDs help players be able to hit the ball harder and farther, but they would help on the defensive side as well. If players would be able to throw harder, they would be able to make more insane plays. As well as if they are able to react faster, move quicker, and cover more distance. Not to mention that the human body is built to adapt. And if you have 115 mph projectiles being fired at you, there is no other choice but to get better. So even without the use of PEDs for the defensive aspect, players would still be improving. Now for all the people that dislike players hitting home runs like it is nothing, I just pleased you defense lovers as well. For my baseball fans out there, take Manny Machado, the third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles. He is one of the best defenders in the game right now and has multiple awards to prove it. Machado can reach 90+ mph on his throws across the diamond, but imagine if he used PEDs. He would be making even more unbelievable plays that no regular human being on this planet could make.

Many people view using steroids as cheating because of how strong they make you. Another common thought is that that they just make you totally shredded and ripped. But that is not 100% true, not exactly at least. Shoving a needle in your butt cheek will not make you yoked overnight. And to my knowledge, many people are not aware of the fact that you still have to work out. Steroid use rather promotes the growth of muscles and helps them get bigger and adapt to higher weight (get stronger) at a faster rate than someone not using steroids. Not to mention I can be pretty sure that the majority of the human race (excluding those that do not have access to them) have used steroids before. Often doctors will prescribe a type of steroid to help your body fight off disease or sickness. Prednisone and cortisone, ring a bell? If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction then you may have been given prednisone. Or cortisone can be used as an injection to reduce swelling or inflammation. For example, my dad goes to his doctor every few months to get a cortisone shot in his shoulder to help with pain. As does my mother for her knee.

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  1. Ethan 5 months ago

    Hi Cullen. I was able to read the first paragraph and I immediately noticed the topic of Steroids and the usage of them; you should not use Stanton as your cover Image because I know for a fact that he does not use and performance enhancing drugs. The whole article was misleading because you decided to address job placement? Steroids and creating jobs are to very different topics. Also maybe not say “Thank you America” that just sounds very unprofessional. Thank you

    • Author
      Cullen Holmes 5 months ago

      I am fully aware Stanton does not use PEDs but he he’s jacked and I liked the picture of him. And because of how far the players would be able to hit the ball, people would probably start to complain and then the parks would need to be expanded to make it harder to hit homers. Therefore more space would need to be filled and more vendors could fill that space, which in turn creates more jobs. And I addressed job creation because people complain about it and it’s annoying so I decided to address it in a comedic manner. And I actually said you are welcome America. Again, for comedic purposes. Thank you for your response Ethan.

  2. Trip 5 months ago

    I liked the idea you present in this argument. People often look back on the sport of baseball and see those for mentioned huge names, but forget about the peds involved. The sport was fine before and was only made less entertaining by these laws. I think it would be interesting to see a visual or textual statistic of the relationship between this law and baseball ticket/viewing numbers.

    the notion that jobs would be created seemed a bit far fetched to me, while the revenue of a park may have dropped, did it drop enough to fire people? Also most of the jobs in baseball parks are from separate entities, meaning they work for another company that rents space, so if the park suffered the job is not lost only moved.

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