With college sports views as high as ever, now college athletes are pushing even harder for a salary. Many players feel that with the level of income their sports bring to their universities, that they should be compensated for their hard work. However, I believe, college athletes should not be paid for playing their sport because they have already been compensated for their work with tuition scholarships.

Between both division one and two college athletes, approximately 2.9 billion dollars are given a way to 150,000  NCAA college athletes (NCAA). With the vast majority of athletes already receiving scholarships, to add a salary to these players seems like too much. It does not make sense for these athletes to be paid on top of already getting a free college education.

If a college athlete is getting paid to play, why would they go to class. By being paid to participate in an extracurricular, it takes the focus away from class work, and pushes these athletes to only focus on their athletic careers. Looking at the numbers of how many college athletes make it into a professional league, it doesn’t make sense for these athletes to only work towards their athletic goals, and not their academic goals.

Finally, it is hard to believe that these young, amateur players would be responsible enough to obtain and maintain the amount of money they would be making. They would be making so much in such little time and there would be no one there to help guide them through the process (Lemmons). Time and time again, young professional athletes who are making millions find themselves bankrupt in a matter of months. In fact, Sports Illustrated found that about 78 percent of professional athletes will go broke within two years of retirement (Harnett). Who is to say that it won’t be the same case for college athletes.

College Athletes should not be paid for playing sports because it would end up ruining what so many people love about college sports. People love watching such young and non-professional players play at such a high level and across the country. If college athletes were paid, it would shift this level of play to be more focused about money, and not getting an education and becoming better.


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  1. Morgan 1 month ago

    I thank you for this article because I too believe that college athlete’s shouldn’t get paid. The points you have brought up are very true. People say they want college athletes to get paid, but do they think about the repercussions? Will they still want to watch college sports when the level of plays goes down because the kids are more focused on getting paid then worried about getting better like you said? Not only do they get scholarships, but benefits of free clothes and a few extra perks. For some athletes they even get extra money for living expenses, groceries, and even some spending money. Just like other people that have to go through college and start there career once they graduate and then they can make money, athletes should have to do the same thing. Again, thank you for this article I really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Olivia 5 months ago

    I think this is my favorite article I have read so far. You gave your opinion about the topic but then backed up your thought process with hard evidence and sited all of your sources. I agree that college athlete should not be paid because of the tuition break they are already receiving and the fact that it will take away from what college sports are meant to uphold. Very great job! Here is an article I found that could help you with your further research: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/college-athletes-getting-paid-here-are-some-pros-cons_us_58cfcee0e4b07112b6472f9a.

  3. Trip 5 months ago

    I agree with what you have written and I think it might be interesting to add that money makes the game more violent and therefore too intense for a college student. The size difference between an NFL player and an NCAA player is frighteningly large but there must also be another reason for this difference in play style and amount of injuries. What if that difference is motivation in the form of money, personally if I knew that I was getting paid millions of dollars and that my only goal was to try my hardest to tackle another player, I would give it my all, add 300lbs to the equation and damage can be caused. To subject a college kid to life changing events so early seems unjust to me.

  4. Thomas 5 months ago

    Nick, this is a very interesting topic. I love watching college football myself, so I hear a lot of talk about this topic. One article I found that may be helpful is http://college.usatoday.com/2016/10/20/should-athletes-be-paid-to-play/. I look forward to hearing more about this topic from you in the future.

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