What is happening to America? In the past few decades, our country and all of its inhabitants have made monumental leaps and strides to move on from our past, and to obtain a land of freedom and equality. It feels as though recently we have taken many steps backwards. This is beyond disappointing.

It all begins with our President, Donald Trump. I am deeply saddened that the American People chose him to be the leader of our country. His childish remarks are rude and offensive, and he doesn’t consider the consequences of our words and actions. I love America, I really do. But recently I have been disgusted by how we are presenting ourselves.

How could we let this happen? How could we let one man reverse all of the incredible progress that our country has made over the past years? We need to do something about this, and if we simply sit around and wait for change, it will never happen. We need to be the change. We cannot let America fall apart.


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  1. Thomas 1 year ago

    Ellie, this is a very interesting and controversial topic. On one side, Trump is a strong voice who can probably lead the country. On the other hand, he is definitely a very divisive figure whom many oppose. A good article which appears to be pretty unbiased is http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/07/is-trump-as-bad-as-we-expected.html. I look forward to hearing more about this from you in the future.

  2. PJ 1 year ago

    Ellie, personally i love trump he is doing great things for our country, for example strengthening our alliance with china or taking out the ISIS strong hold, etc. i think the problem in america right now is left refusing to cooperate, some so ignorant they created a group to fight a problem that hasn’t even happened.its saddening to me how some people can be so childish to go yell in the streets for hours instead of talking about their problems. i just want to know what bad things trump has dont because as far as i can tell he is only doing good.

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