It almost seems as if mass shootings here in America are becoming normal. When I was a young kid it was very rare to see these things happen. In fact up until 2012 the events at Columbine High School seemed to be the latest, scariest thing. It seem as if since that day in 2012, more and more mass shootings have happened. This year seems like there is almost a mass shooting once a month somewhere in the US. I look around when I am driving or walking into school and the American flag is at half-mast every week.

After each incident there seems to be an uproar on social media about gun control, but will it really help? I think that gun control is a really good idea, in a perfect world. But it seems to me that there is no real way to execute it well. I say this because people who are planning to act in these mass shootings will not simply follow a law to attain a gun when they know that the law will prevent them, so they will find alternative ways to buy a gun. Yes under gun control laws this would be illegal, but what is going to stop them from doing this? Because of this I’m not quite sure what we can do to stop these events from happening. I don’t like the feeling of danger anywhere I go, and not being safe in places that are supposed to be a care-free zone (school, concerts, house, sporting event, big cities).

I feel that there is truly no way to prevent these type of events from happening, but there is ways to minimize the damage. I am in full support with mass shooting training from police and first responder forces, I feel that they really can make a difference in minimizing the window for deaths. I also think that improving building and event security is helpful, obviously you can’t predict events like this but if these security measures were put into place maybe we could reduce the likelihood.

I am curious to know what you think and the opinions you carry. 



  1. Christopher 3 years ago

    Casey, I also agree with you. I really don’t know what the best way is to stop gun violence in America. I think restriction on gun laws and banning gun in general will reduce the amount of mass shooting, but won’t necessarily stop it. I don’t know if there will ever be a stop to mass shooting. One thing I like about your post is when you stated that “This year seems like there is almost a mass shooting once a month somewhere in the US.” This is very true and we, as American, should not be proud of this. An article I found about shooting in America which you may found interesting is It talks about the math of mass shooting, which is pretty sad. Anyways, I found your post interesting and informative. I am looking forward to see what you write about next.

  2. Mary 3 years ago

    Casey, I agree with you that more desperate measures should be taken to help stop mass shootings. I prefer to be more optimistic and believe that if gun control laws were stricter then the number of shootings would decrease significantly. It is sad to think that mass shootings are now part of the American culture. I think this article with statistics and information about shootings in America and other countries would catch your interest, I look forward to what you post next!

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