After reading the book The Moon is Down and having profound debates on the comment, “What is an American?”, I have pondered the question. While everyone has different values a few common values have came up in my research. The most common values include Equal Opportunity, Education, Coming Together as a Community to be one and Greed. These values continued to be revealed as I did my research, though the topics came up in different ways. I think these were perpetuated because everyone may think differently about some views, but everyone has realised to get anywhere in our current day society we have to live off these core values. These morals are expressed in my book, The Moon is Down, The documentary American Creed from PBS and Citizen Film forthcoming in 2018. and “Do We Take For Granted the American Lifestyle?”

In the article,“Do We Take For Granted the American Lifestyle?” the author reiterates her view the greed in the daily American life. She expressed her struggle of forgetting her daily necessities to look presentable on her long business trip. She expressed how she felt like she was missing a part of her life even though she just went and spoiled herself by buying the same products so easily. She still wasn’t satisfied with her purchased and she explained how she couldn’t feel the same until she had the products back. In this situation that she saw as a catastrophe.she relates that the amount and availability of products in the United States is unreal, compared to that in other countries. The author felt greedy by what she has available to her but she respects her country more. After that both of us became aware of how amazing our country really is and how much we take for granted. Many Americans do not realize how blessed they are compared to other countries where people are struggling to get enough to eat.

The documentary American Creed from PBS and Citizen Film forthcoming in 2018. video brings all these values into a full circle by explicitly asking the average person their values. While Equal Opportunity, Education, and Coming Together as a Community to be one and Greed were all portrayed. All these values may seem the same but everyone had a different view on the same topic and how attentive they were on little side notes I would consider nothing but has a huge impact on our country. Therefore, how education I never thought twice about but as the clip went on I realised many people who aren’t educated won’t go as far as someone who gets education at any level. Your level of education is the level of respect, which directly relates to how you are treated. In the video they told us on how they are the first in their family to go to college and they were treated equally at a higher level compared to their parents who did not complete college or barely did so. Since we look at education nowaday as as something we all get. Therefore we are greedy, that is so because back in the day you were lucky to finish high school because most people back then would have to go help the family out by working. But, America has advanced at such a high level to where now days the average family makes enough to where that isn’t the case and the average teenager will be able to finish high school and go to college.

While the forward progress of America has been at such a level all this was able to come true fo was because all of the people were able to come together for this level of progress. But the citizens reiterated now we are losing sight of togetherness. It almost seems as if since we got at such a prestige level we all want to get higher just for ourselves and not anyone else. If we keep this up, we will not progress and there’s a good chance we will decline and go back to the old ways back in history which was not the level we would like to be at today. Therefore we need to work together like in the book The Moon is Down had a key concept of working together which was when the Nazis infiltrated their city during World War Two to take over their mines. During the plot the book the people recognized if they do not come together they will be taken over by the Nazis, which none of them would prefer. So the citizens came together and envisioned coming together as they did which resulted in the win for the city.


After I comprehended all these diverse views, it made me re-think what it means to be American. To me and all the participants of America their views they expressed were Equal Opportunity, Education, and Coming Together as a Community to be one and Greed. These views I took for granted but will not be able to if we do not do anything to keep those going. Today us as Americans need we need to act on these core essential values and advance them to a point where they are completely locked in and will be there for centuries to come. But today that isn’t so because we take them for granted and if we do so for a long time we will eventually lose the and what will it mean to be an American then? While we lose those values and will other priorities pop up? Will they still mean as much? Or will we act on these views to further to another level to the point where they’re locked into history?



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