America is known as the symbol of freedom across the world. A country where citizens are able to make their dreams come true. In order to be a true American one must strive to do their best, be willing to stand up for their beliefs, and willing to look towards their future. In the texts, Girl In Translation, The NFL Is Right Trump Is Wrong: Dissenting Players Are Patriotic, superman and me, and Americans More Positive About Effects of Immigration, they give examples of inspiring stories where people are being Americans.

To be an American one must strive to do their best. In the text, Girl In Translation, the main character, Kimberly, moves to America from Hong Kong; she struggles in her academics because she does not know English. Even at a disadvantage Kimberly comes from the bottom of the class to being the best in the entire school, and creating opportunities for herself. The author writes, “Ma, the principal said I won a full scholarship to that private school,” (Kwok 115). This quote shows that she was able to get into a private school because she did her best. Kimberly tried her best and she succeeded; she was able to create a promising future for herself. In, superman and me, throughout the main character’s life he has been made fun of and pushed aside as a “stupid Indian boy”. Though he studied and read so that he could become who he is today a successful writer who makes a difference by visiting Indian students and trying to motivate them. The authors wrote, “I throw my weight against their locked doors. The door holds. I am smart. I am arrogant. I am lucky. I am trying to save lives,” (Alexie 3). This piece says that no matter what anyone thinks, he will do what he can, even though he is discriminated due to his race, he will try to push his way past his disadvantages.

Throughout history, Americans have stood up for their beliefs. In Girl In Translation the main character Kimberly says, “‘Least he’s not so ugly that he’s made of essence of monkey’[…] I tossed it in his face, then grabbed Park’s arm. ‘Run’,” (Kwok 225). Even though Kimberly was surrounded by a group of bullies who were picking on Park, she still rushed in and stood up for Park. She stood up even though they were not harassing her, just because she thought that it was the right thing to do. Another article portrays these same traits, within the article, The NFL Is Right Trump Is Wrong: Dissenting Players Are Patriotic, Jay Michaelson the author of the article, says that kneeling during the national anthem is not a crime. Michaelson says that kneeling during the national anthem is a sign of respect. So when President Trump tweeted that it was a sign of disrespect, other players began to kneel in a sign of protest. Since the NFL players have the freedom of speech right; they should be able to do what they want without having the President tell their coaches that they should fire those who kneel.

Americans also look towards the future. In Girl In Translation, Kimberly starts school with the hope of becoming a doctor in the future. Torn between her dream of becoming a doctor and the long awaited romance with the man she loves the most, she must choose. In the end she chooses her dream because she longs to improve her living conditions and her lifestyle. In the article Looking ahead to technological future, Robinson talks about how decades from now technology will make “four out of 10 jobs reassigned to automated bots by that time” (Robinson). The article says that many jobs today will disappear but many other careers will advance. The loss of jobs will impact America in a huge way, but the advancement of other jobs would mean increased paychecks in the future.


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  1. Karina 2 years ago

    I Am Interested in this topic because you’re right that all Americans are here to work hard for something they want. One Thing You Said that stands out for me is when you Said , “In order to be a true American one must strive to do their best , Be willing to stand up for their beliefs, and willing to look towards their future .” I think this is so true because if You don’t work for something you can accomplish anything .

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