The book Thoreau of Walden Pond is about the life of Henry Thoreau who was a poor boy from Concord Massachusetts and lived in the early to mid 1800s. He grew up in the small peaceful village of Concord and was fascinated by nature. Throughout his life Henry shows the reader that he or she can become anything they want to become. In the article You Can Be Anything You Want To Be It talks about the key to being anything you want is to be willing to do whatever it takes. In the book Henry starts a successful school despite coming from a poor background. In order for him to start a school he had to have both a strong work ethic and he had to sacrifice a lot. If you are American you also have the opportunity to do whatever you want as long as you’re willing to make the sacrifices.
One reason why Henry Thoreau was able to start a school or just leave that comfortable life to become a writer in new york, or leave that second confortable life so that he could go back home to live in a cabin off of Walden pond, is because he wasn’t afraid to fail. In the article Why You Can Do Anything you Set Your Mind To it talks about the biggest reason for people being just average is because they’re afraid to fail. In the book Henry shows us that if you are American then you don’t have to be afraid to fail.
The article How To Believe What You Want To Believe says “The majority of people have never really gone through the exercise of creating their own beliefs, because we’ve been spoon fed them from day one”. Henry Thoreau is a little different than most people. He shows us that if you’re American you don’t have to be afraid to do or think whatever you want. At one point in his life he leaves everything to isolate himself from most of the village, and live self sustaining life in a cabin. so that he could live peacefully and embrace nature. If you are american then you have opportunities but most people aren’t able to go beyond what’s safe or comfortable to be what they want to be.

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  1. Jerell 4 weeks ago

    Dear Kyle,
    I am satisfied with your post because it opens up many individuals perspective about themselves. This post in a way inspires people that they can be much more than what they believe they can be. One things that stands out for me is: “the key to being anything you want is to be willing to do whatever it takes.” because this is still so relevant to our minds and this society. If any individual were to do anything in order to achieve what we want, we would eventually get to our success.

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