Voting was not an option for African Americans until decades after the constitution was ratified. While the constitution gave them freedom, equality, and civil rights, it did not protect them from being viewed as second class citizens and from being treated unfairly. Even to this day, they are still discriminated against and treated/thought of poorly, not only by some people but also by some of the authority figures. If we use our first amendment rights, I believe that we can start a change in how oppressed minorities are treated by everyone. More awareness has been brought to this issue because of marches and protests that people are holding almost weekly.

Day by day we see more videos of young black people being shot by cops while they are unarmed and defenseless. Michael Brown died on August 9, 2014.  “Brown was an unarmed black teenager shot by Darren Wilson, a white police officer on the street Ferguson, Missouri. Some said he had his hands up in the air and the shooting led to protests and some violence for 10 days. In November, a grand jury said the officer should not face criminal charges in the case that led to a nationwide discussion about the treatment of black people by white police officers.”(Akkoc). Brown is of course not the only victim of police brutality. Many black people such as Eric Garner and Gil Collar were also defenseless while being restrained and then killed.

The story The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas gives you an insight into the life of an eyewitness of an unarmed police brutality case. The reader can feel the raw emotions of the witness at that moment and can see how her life changed for the better and for the worse afterward. The main character goes through finding herself and what she believes in but she also receives guidance from her parents, family, and community. In response to the death of the victim, the community assembled to protest the police and to fight for justice for the kid. “Keep your hands visible. Don’t make any sudden moves. Only speak when they speak to you.” I knew it must’ve been serious. Daddy has the biggest mouth of anybody I know, and if he said to be quiet, I needed to be quite”(Thomas 20-21 ). This part of the book shows you how feared the police are in the black community when they shouldn’t be. The police are there for protection and security, not to cause fear in the people. They have also broken the trust of the people and created tension between the community and the officers.

People are protesting police brutality everywhere with different methods. “NFL players … across the US knelt or stood with arms … linked during the national anthem to highlight racial injustice and police brutality in America… The Take a Knee movement was started by quarterback Colin Kaepernick who knelt before a pre-season game for the San Francisco 49ers in 2016.”(Lake). When the NFL players took action and started protesting for what they believe in, it encouraged, even more, people to take action against the injustices that are happening all over America. As time goes by, America has become more equal and accepting of everyone, but we still have a lot of room for improvement. The fight against injustice is not over.


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  1. Yani 2 years ago

    Police Brutality is very big for the Black people in the United States because police people believe that they have control over us.

  2. Truman 3 years ago

    Noor, This post was such a nice read because you are so articulate and clear in your writing and I was totally able to understand your stance because of that. I agreed with so much that you were saying and it is just nice to get a post about this topic.

  3. Zachary 3 years ago

    This post is very well written. I am glad that your are so passionate about this issue and you are willing to speak out against it. I do think that there needs to be a change in society to make it safe for everybody. This article really made me think and I think that it will do the same for other people. Overall this was a very good article.

  4. Cheryl 3 years ago

    Noor, your post is very insightful and passionate. I’m so happy you feel strongly about this issue and wrote this post. It’s so important in American, especially now that we ensure safety for everyone. It’s said that people feel unsafe just because of the color of their skin. It’s completely unfair that african american people feel afraid of police and unprotected. I think if we keep raising awareness of this issue and speaking up for what is right, we can make things better. Keep writing and doing your part in this fight! I found this link on how we can help to reduce police brutality in our country ( Keep fighting for what’s right! Hope to see you write more on this soon 🙂

  5. Shane 3 years ago

    This post was very well written with what seemed like a lot of passion behind it. I agree with your point that even when we are trying to do the right thing and peacefully protest for what we believe in, police still resort to violent actions. While this is not all police members it is still very prevalent today. I enjoyed your point that we come to the US for freedom but sometimes we get the opposite. Overall I really enjoyed this piece. Do you think we will ever get rid of this problem? If so, will it be soon? I would appreciate if you got back to me.
    Helpful link:

  6. Casey 3 years ago

    Dear Noor,
    This was a very thoughtful post, my class is going to watch this documentary later this week so I am excited to see how this insight translates to the film. I agree with your statement that things need to be fixed as well.

  7. Michael 3 years ago

    Great post. You used great information to back up your claim. This post you wrote pulled me in. This world is out of control and it needs to be a stop to violence.

  8. Sam 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Your intro really pulled me in as a reader and got me thinking about your topic. I decided to do a little research of my own and I found an article you might find interesting (will attach link at end). One sentence of your post in particular caught my eye, when you said that “the police are there for protection and security, not to cause fear in the people. They have also broken the trust of the people and created tension between the community and the officers. ” This excerpt really got me thinking about how different demographics are effected differently by political issues and cases of civil unrest. Thanks for posting!

    -Sam M.

  9. Baylee B. 3 years ago

    I am intrigued with your post because you gave several reasons to behind why when doing the right thing can lead to harm or cause a bigger problem when people are sticking up for what they believe in. When people protest its to stand up for what they know is right for them or to show that there is still a huge problem and this is the only way to catch the attention of everyone.

    One thing that stood out for me was ” While the constitution gave them freedom, equality, and civil rights, it did not protect them from being viewed as second class citizens and from being treated unfairly.” This was interesting because not only do many people come to the United States to live free and they come here to live equal with the same quality as everyone else. Not everyone has that chance and for the government and the policy’s given to not stick up to them is not equal for everyone who comes for that one thing.

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