In the book American Sniper, one of the main values in the book is the idea of patriotism. Patriotism is the idea of being very supportive for your country and representing your country in everything you do. In “The True Meaning of Patriotism” by Lawrence Reed it talks about how people may describe Patriotism. It says “ I’m a patriotic American because I revere the ideas that motivated the Founders and compelled them, in many instances, to put their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor on the line” (Reed 10). I think that one of the best ways we can see patriotism is with the military. When dealing with the military it is like being able to fight for the country and protecting everyone that is apart of it. A quote that I see this is in, “I had a job to do as a SEAL. I killed the enemy – an enemy I saw day in and day out plotting to kill my fellow Americans” (Kyle 4). What I think that this quote means is that there is no one in the military that is just fighting for themselves. The military is a lot like a family, they have a very strong core and that’s exactly like the military. These soldiers are not just fighting for themselves, but their fellow americans and they are also fighting for the flag that is on their uniforms. They fight for the United States of America and that’s what shows on their uniform when they go into battle.


In this book you can see how everyone that is apart of any form of military branch has as one thing in common, brothers and sisters next to them fighting with them. In the book their is apart when one of Chris’s friends gets injured during battle. Chris asked him if he was ok and he said yes but Chris didn’t believe him and he rushed his friend to the hospital to be saved. This part shows that every person out there wants to protect each other and not let anybody die. I think another quote you can see this in is when Chris says “But I didn’t risk my life to bring democracy to Iraq. I risked my life for my buddies, to protect my friends and fellow countrymen. I went to war for my country, not Iraq. My country sent me out there so that bullshit wouldn’t make its way back to our shores” (Kyle 194). What Chris is saying here that he is protecting everyone else on his side and everyone that is back in the country living their lives. He doesn’t want anything to come back to the US and happen to our country. In the documentary American Creed it talks about 9/11 and what that did to our country. They were talking about how on 9/11 that everyone came together and united as one country to help fellow Americans in need and that we should be doing that all the time. People weren’t looking at what political party they were apart of and what they believed in, they were talking how everybody dropped all of those values of themselves and united as one country and helped out. In the book American Sniper and all of these other texts, you can see that one of our strong american values is the idea of patriotism.


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  1. Nick 1 year ago

    Nolan, first of all, great post. I agree 100% that patriotism is an American value. Americans should be supportive to one another and we should treat other with respect. But not only that, we should also treat our military with respect. Chris Kyle was arguably one of the best soldiers in our nation’s history. I enjoyed reading his book American Sniper and I hope you did too. He was a true patriot and I hope you took a lot away from reading his book. Your writing is strong and you made a lot of good points. You had good evidence from your texts and they supported your argument that patriotism is an American value. Your focus was clear and you kept me interested the whole time. Overall, great job!

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