What does it mean to be American? What is American Culture? What are American Values? What is an American Creed? These are all essential questions about America that a book I recently read, Funny Farsi, help me answer. The main character immigrates from Iran to America and faces many challenges adjusting to American life. This book describes the authors experiences and adventures in America.

This book emphasized the idea that anyone can succeed in America. This is part of the American Culture. This book also supported the idea that the American dream is different for everybody. The main character had a different dream than most other Americans. While this is true, all American dreams are major goals that people strive for. While they are different for everybody, they are achieved through hard work.


A text I found that helped me answer these questions is https://www.livescience.com/28945-american-culture.html. In this article, the author talks about different cultures and customs of the United States. It talks about holidays, religion, food and even clothing styles.  Another piece of writing I used to answer these questions was http://www.internationalstudentguidetotheusa.com/articles/culture.html which talks about how Americans interact with each other and how they seem to people living outside the U.S. Another text I used that relates to these questions is a poem by Langston Hughes, https://www.poemhunter.com/poems/america/page-1/26521/#content, Let America Be America Again. This poem talks about how the American dream relates to freedom and equality.

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