There are many questions that are important to the world that many not ever be answered. One of these questions is “Will poverty even be ridden from the earth?” Living in Salt Lake City, where homelessness is a very prominent issue, I have always asked myself this question. I never thought that there would even be a possibility to be completely resolved. There are many hardships that come with being poor or homeless and it seems almost impossible to resolve these issues for everyone that is going through hard times.

In an article called, “One Nation: One World- and an end to absolute poverty by 2030”, written by Ivan Lewis, talks about a way to end absolute poverty. In the next 20 years, there is a lot we can do to try to help those less fortunate than others. In 2015 the international agreed on a new plan on international development. This new framework must be developed through an authentic and equal partnership. This whole plan is focused on international development. As a very powerful and developed country, the United States is expected to help develop third world countries.

Is this a possible and reachable goal? In an article by BBC news it said yes, we should be able to do that. Since 1981, we have cut the poverty rates by half. Back then, 52% of people in developing countries lived on less than $1.25 per day. That was again measured and found that it was only 18% in 2010. Now, it is only 15%. So it makes sense that world poverty could end within the next 30 years right? Well no. It would take very extreme efforts. The number of people would have to decrease by 50 million people a year which is very unrealistic. There are many people that believe that it could work, but it would require major funding and a raft of targeted policies to raise incomes and productivity.

Personally I don’t think that poverty will ever be ridden from the earth. It just doesn’t make very much sense. In all of history, there has always been poverty. It will always be here weather we like it or not. I do think though that if everyone in the whole world was on the same page, we could somehow end world poverty but until then it’s something that will always be present in our world.



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  1. Cindy 3 years ago

    Dear Maggie,
    I am interested in your post because you added sources, statistics and proved how and why poverty is a problem around the world. One thing you said that stands out for me is: “Will poverty even be ridden from the earth?” I think this is sad because people around the world may never be able to have a roof over their head or a meal prepared for them.

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