What is love? Is it what we share when we look at each other? Or just any other feeling?

I have always wonder how this world would be without love, love for me is something so powerful and so meaningful that without it nothing would have any sense or meaning.We share love with friends, family, animals and anything that has values to us, love gives us the hope to do better and be better people. But have have we ever took time to think how we as humans would live without this precious feeling?                                                                  My moma taught me to be a blind lover, meaning love without anything in return nor without conditions. Love every and each person as thought tomorrow was not promise. I read this article on unconditional love by Lisa Pool which gives me an inside of what my perception of true love is and what can it bring to the people around me as well as myself.                                                                                                                                                                   In this world we live in it’s difficult to show love to others, fear of being judged or mocked to be too soft or too carrying. What we must learn to do is to be kind and always be there to help each other because it is in doing so that we build a loving and caring community and world. Knowing that you are a reason why someone is smiling today for me it’s the greatest thing ever. So be kind and learn to love people around you.



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  1. Veronica 10 months ago

    Dear Jessica:

     I am amazed about your publication “Unconditional love” because it makes me think about the love of what it means and what it means for this world without feeling that it is love and how people are at the moment of demonstrating it.

    One phrase that you wrote that is highlighted for me is “What is love? Is it what we have when we look at each other?” I think this is beautiful because we do not know if it is a feeling because we are all different at the moment to talk about love.

    Thank you for your writing I hope to see what you wrote next because your publications about love are nice


  2. Paola 2 years ago

    Wow this post this post really got me thinking. I feel like there’s no clear definition for love but we all feel it and have a unique perspective to it. I’ve read other posts on this topic but your resonated more w me.

  3. Samantha 2 years ago

    I am interested in your post because I myself am very intrigued by this topic, love is such an important thing that each and every one of us should have a piece of. One thing you said that really stood out to me is, ” In this world we live in it’s difficult to show love to others, fear of being judged or mocked to be too soft or too carrying.” I find this to be quite sad because some people are scared to show their love and affection for someone. Thank you for sharing your post I look forward to what you write next because I love how you express your ideas and opinions.

    Samantha Lamas

  4. Jessica 2 years ago

    hello there:) I found your piece very comforting. I agree that love is incredibly powerful, I feel like humans wouldn’t be anything without love. I think that loving someone is a very vulnerable thing, because you are opening yourself up to someone, and you have to hope they accept you and cherish you and not break you. Love is scary but it is also incredible. Thank you for this read:)

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