Global warming has been an issue that has faced the world today. The Earth we live on is being destroyed due to our use of fossil fuels, great amount ofemissions that we put into the air, and overuse of electricity in our everyday life. The carbon dioxide that has been trapped in our atmosphere due to the pollution and emissions that we put into the air. The carbon dioxide then traps the solar radiation from escaping from the earth, causing it to heat the Earth’s surface. The effects of global warming include: rising sea levels, melting of glaciers, rising of temperatures around the world, and killing certain species whose habitat has been destroyed by the change in climate.

Climate change is a big problem that seems to have no solution, but there is. First off we need to show people how much destruction this problem is causing. One solution to this problem is using environmentally friendly vehicles and appliance. Using these machines will reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Along with using environmentally friendly vehicles we can also look towards public transportation for an alternate source of transportation, also reducing the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Renewable energy is also a great way to improve the environment and reduce the amount of energy that is wasted. Another type of renewable energy would be water energy and it is something that needs to be utilized more in our society today. All of these solutions can greatly improve our environment we as a society need to implement these solutions to greatly improve this problem


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  1. Caden 2 years ago

    I agree that people need to be aware of how bad it really is, however I think that we should really show what it does to animals and even other people. You have some very strong suggestions and they are very good, we should have more fuel efficient public transportation, and we should have alternate energy sources perhaps do research on the benefits and how it can power cities and large areas.

  2. Mercy 2 years ago

    I am interested in your informing post because the solutions that you presented are simple yet can make an impact in global warming and pollution. However, I still wonder if making these changes will affect the economy in any way, either in a positive way or not.

    One thing that you said that stands out for me is: “All of these solutions can greatly improve our environment we as a society need to implement these solutions to greatly improve this problem.” In my opinion, there have been people that have spread this message about saving or conserving the Earth by switching to different cars or smaller living places, etc. Nevertheless, society will continue to want bigger and better things, putting the conservation of the Earth behind them to get what they want, from the most luxuries cars to the biggest houses. The people who will follow these solutions are few compared to the many that will not listen or feel like it’s too hard to change.

  3. Noah 2 years ago


    All of the points you mention are definitely important to our society today, I like how you touched on the often-ignored topic of environmentally-conscious public transportation. I also like that you mentioned climate-mediated habitat loss; people generally know that humans are destroying rainforests alarmingly quickly but not that we’re expanding deserts at an equally alarming rate. With all these issues laid out in front of me, I wonder why people’s general environmental awareness is not higher. I wonder if soon in the future we will learn that our planet is not worth harming for the sake of convenience.

  4. Sam 2 years ago

    Climate change is a pressing issue that seems to have few solutions. From what you said, global warming can result in a variety of problems of which I had not considered. I agree that small steps can be taken each day to limit the effects of climate change. This article ( presents some other possible solutions that could save our environment. Why do we not use the types of renewable energy as much as we should?

  5. Carter 2 years ago

    I agree that some people think climate change is an issue out of our reach, but we can all do small things that help greatly. suggest plenty of options, some that you mention in your article and also some alternative ideas that can help proven climate change. I agree that reducing carbon emissions from vehicles is a huge issue, but with the amount of commuting that occurs in our society, how would you reduce the amount of cars on the roads without causing major inconveniences? I think writing about that alone could lead to an interesting article.

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