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As us being able to have a voice or having the right to stand up for what we believe in. I feel like if someone doesn’t want to stand for the national anthem they should not be bashed for it, Many people have different beliefs and they have the right to believe in what they want to believe in. But me personally I always stand for the national anthem because i feel like it’s just the respectful thing to do. It’s all about respecting it, The song is sung for many people who have fought for our country, bled, even lost heir lives for us and i feel the least we could do for them is stand and be quiet for them as anyone sings the national anthem. But i also understand that some people around us just don’t believe in it and we can’t change that so no one should be called wrong for not standing, people are raised differently and the believe what the believe in. On the other hand some people are just lazy and don’t feel like standing and they really just do not care about it, as them attending any event where they have the national anthem being sung even though they do not believe in it and the believe they should not have to stand they should still be quiet, i’ve been to many events where people don’t stand and they curse,talk or don’t even pay any attention to the person that is singing i just think if you’re gonna sit atleast be respectful enough to remain quiet while the song is being sung. But moral of the story is just let people be, you can not change a person at the end of the day people are going to be themselves and they will do what they want whether it’s right or wrong.

Photo by S.A. Street Photographer

Photo by S.A. Street Photographer



  1. Isa 3 years ago

    I understand where you are coming from to stand for the national anthem. During the time when athletes were doing this I looked further into what was really going on. The flag says we are free and we should stand up for what we believe in. People in our country are being treated unfair and to this day deal with racism, so they had a peaceful protest. I don’t think our country is an ideal place to live anymore, and I respect people who see that there are a lot of problems in our world. For example, the school shooting that just took place was a tragedy. I don’t want to support a country that has so much controversy over whether or not guns are bad. They are tools to kill others, not harmless tools. Standing for a flag is the appropriate thing to do, but if you don’t agree with the morals or what America is doing, I don’t think it is necessary. Thank you for sharing, and I hope you can see this from another view. Below is a link about the pros and cons of standing during the National Anthem.

  2. Truman 3 years ago

    Shadayah, I found this post extremely interesting because your stance on this topic is so nice to see in such a heavy fought debate, for one this debate grips the nation and it seems like everyone is so vehemently stuck to one side while you find yourself in a happy and accepting medium that is really a stance that I would love to see more people take just so that we can get to see a little more love in this nation because we all sure could use it. I found this link that delves into your topic a little more if you would like to take a look at it. https://www.procon.org/headline.php?headlineID=005323

  3. Shane 3 years ago

    I completely agree with your statement that we have the right to fight for what we believe in. I also agree with you in standing for the anthem. It’s not fair to disrespect all the people that have fought for out country just because of one person. We should handle those issues in other ways. Are there any ways you can think of that would solve or aid this issue in any way?
    Helpful link: https://www.digipo.io/wiki/commons/when-did-we-begin-standing-for-the-national-anthem.htm

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