Many changes would occur if everybody adopted a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet means not eating meat, poultry, or fish  Many people choose to be vegetarian for  environmental reasons concern for animals, or for personal health benefits, however many people don’t know what an effect cutting out meat could have on our health and the world.

Firstly, If everybody stopped eating meat it could be expected that health care costs would shrink because plant based diets are generally healthier. The reduction in medical bills alone would save 2-3% of global domestic products. There would also be a reduction in premature deaths due to stroke, diabetes, some cancers, and coronary artery disease that meat can contribute to. Cutting it out could lead to a 6-10% reduction in global mortality.

Cutting out meat would have a huge impact on the environment as well. We would stop using too much land and resources in order to run the factories  to get meat. There would be a lot less corn, water, and energy wasted that we could use for other things. Overall Greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by a third.

There would be some negative effects to our economy if we were to give up meat. Thousands of people would be out of work and there would be a large impact especially in rural areas. Another aspect of everyone going vegetarian is that so many cultures use meat as staples in their food and culture which would be very difficult to change.

In conclusion I would say that there are large benefits that would come from adopting a vegetarian diet or even just cutting our consumption. The way we are exploiting our land, resources and animals is not sustainable and if everybody were to make a change I think there would be a lot of positive effects.





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  1. Jacqueline 3 years ago

    Interesting article, you may be interested in a ted talk where the vegetarian diet is discussed. For those less willing to give up meat, he suggests being vegetarian just a few days a week. Overall, I like to know the impacts of each diet type especially as it relates to the greater environment not just us. There’s a lot of basis upon which vegan and vegetarian diets are better, but there’s also a lot of argument for why they are bad. It may be interesting to see the arguments against this diet as well. Loved the article and can’t wait to see where you go with this.

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