Posted by Ceceli on October 18, 2017

What is so appealing about the horror industry?

With Halloween lurking around the corner and spooky sensations all around, it is the prime time for the horror industry. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year and since it is about two weeks away I was thinking about it a lot. Haunted houses and scary movies are some of my favorite things, but I started to wonder, why do I enjoy them? What is so great about getting scared and paying for it? What is the appeal of the horror industry?

Looking for this answer I came across this website. This article offered several different theories as to why we enjoy things that scare us. A theory from this website I found interesting was “Sensation-seeking” This means sensation-seeking personality types will seek out things that arouse sensation. “People who seek higher levels of arousal thoroughly enjoy the response -heightened feelings of awareness when their bodies go through intense experiences. These experiences range from watching horror films to skydiving and bungee jumping.” I think this theory could apply to me because I really enjoy things like scary movies, haunted houses, and rollercoasters; things that have high levels of arousal. Another article I found also supports this theory. This article, also says that certain people are more attracted to being scared than others. There isn’t really a set answer as to why we enjoy horror movies but I found a reasonable theory to explain for myself.