A prenup is a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding contract created by two people before they marry. In the prenuptial agreement the couple addresses such issues as the property brought into the marriage by each person and any property acquired during the marriage and, what the property rights of each will be should they divorce.

In our society, it is considered to be rude to want to have a prenup before you are married. In actuality it is a smart decision that can save you from losses should anything should go wrong, ie marriage doesn’t work out or you were being used so the other person should get half of your assets. I didn’t understand why it was a bad thing because I always saw it as a way to protect yourself but articles ive read such as the Huffington post and others (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/henry-gornbein/prenuptial-agreements-the_b_1088748.html)

Say otherwise. In the articles, they talk about how these are just way one fiance takes advantage of the other. As i was researching this topic, I just became more and more confused as to whether it is a good thing that protects or a bad thing that harms.

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  1. Isa 1 year ago

    I agree that talking to your partner about having a prenup is a good idea. In our day and age most people end up getting divorced and many times there are problems based on property rights. I think prenups help others to not have a problem once they get divorced. It leaves the couple with a clean slate, and everything they intended to have. Below is a link that says why you shouldn’t have a prenup and it contrasts all these ideas.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. epeefencer13 2 years ago

    Hey Ravi,
    I am a fan of pre-nups. In your essay, you bring up the point that prenups are considered rude in today’s society. But why should it be rude to protect yourself? Almost half of American marriages end in divorce. Part of the problem may be that people believe that they will always be in love. There is an illogical part to love that makes you totally trust the other person. Don’t get me wrong, this is part of what makes love so special, but it can also make people blind. Do you feel everyone would be better off if prenups were required as a part of marriage? Thank you for your essay!

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