I notice that every time I talk to someone, I just want to look down at my feet. I always try to look at them in the eye, but my eyes begin to feel uncomfortable and I look away. And I have heard many other people do the exact thing. So I became interested in what makes certain people do this. Could it be a mental disorder? Is it a trait? Or is it just something certain people need more practice with?

From an article, the author says that the brain is handling too many tasks at one. He used a study from Kyoto University in Japan. They had volunteers stare at a computer-generated face while trying to link words together. For example, with the word knife, you can use ‘stab’ or ‘cut’. Many of the volunteers had a hard time doing the task with difficult words. This topic has little information on it as of now because the study of the brain is now starting off with new technology. But I hope to go into more detail with this topic later on.


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