Why do people have to live in fear?

Why do people have to live in fear?

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This question haunts me. After doing many many hours of community and international service, I still cannot wrap my mind around this fact. People live in fear for many reasons ranging from financial issues to genocide. The world is not as safe and peaceful as it seems. People are living day to day wondering if war will break out in their villages, wondering if they can afford to put food on the table, wondering if their children are safe. It is not fair that the world has to be so fearful. People should not be afraid of the world, but they are.


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“A fear-driven life is a life in which thoughts, decisions and actions are predominantly motivated by fear. Most people live a fear-driven life. Our present culture promotes a fear-driven life.”

-People are driven by fear and we live our lives and make our decisions based on fear.



“The fears are not always exaggerated; a frightening number of people die violently. According to a World Health Organization report, worldwide 1.6 million people die as a result of violence each year. In Africa, out of every 100,000 people, each year an estimated 60.9 die a violent death.”

-there is a reason for many people to be scared; violence happens. It is unfortunately inevitable.

“Indeed, mankind lives in a climate of fear. But fear of violence has been with us for most of mankind’s history. Can we really expect anything different? Is freedom from fear just a dream? Or is there solid reason to expect a future in which no one will fear anything bad?”


Will this ever change?


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