What is Happiness?

What is the meaning of happiness? Is it love? experiences? wealth? This is something that everyone has been trying to figure out for ages. Sure, everyone has their own version of happiness and what they believe makes them happy. But I want to know what the scientific meaning of happiness is.

In a post done by Kenneth Benjamin and the International Happiness team, he clarifies the confusion of what it means to be happy. Benjamin explains how some people define happiness as money, people, experiences, etc. However, in actuality, Benjamins refers to the listed examples as “the definition of pleasure”. He then goes on to answer the question of what exactly happiness is by saying, “Happiness is when your life fulfils your needs”.

I really liked the way that Benjamin described happiness. Every human has the same basic needs. We all need a loving environment, healthy relationships, successful endeavors, and so much more. These are the needs that we all have, that when fulfilled, show us true happiness.

A good reminder from Thompson Thomas, with the News Statesman Magazine, is that happiness is ultimately “intangible”. You cannot simply check items off of your checklist and be happy. Psychological and personal well-being is crucial. In this article, Thomas states that happiness truly hinges on psychological well-being and mental health. This is also another factor of happiness.

There are many different factors that contribute into happiness. However, it is important to remember and to realize that to be happy does not necessarily means the same things for the same people. Then again, having our basic human needs and desires met brings a little slice of happiness to our lives.


Kenneth Benjamin:



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